3 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

So Winter is officially here! And that means snuggling up by the fire and drinking spice cider while reading a favorite book. If you’re like me, you love adding simple touches to your home to make it feel just a little more cozy. Here are some simple tips.

1. Candles!

If you are lucky enough to have a fire place, you can actually light candles inside it instead of logs for a more Gothic/romantic ambiance.

If you don’t have a fire place, a decorative tray with a variety of candles can give the room the same romantic glow. My new favorite find for this season is the hearth candle which has one long wick for a more intense glow. I found one at target for about $30.

2. Furry or knit pillows and a faux-fur throw.

Texture is the key to cozy and adding a faux-fur pillow in a natural tone, or a knit pillow gives a warm texture to your couch without getting rid of your mat pillows. You can also cuddle up with the faux-fur throw while watching the snow fall outside.

Get them here or here.

3. Stoneware mugs.

Stoneware mugs remind me of a mountain retreat. There is something about drinking from these that makes me feel like I live in a cozy cabin in the Pacific Northwest. They are inexpensive and simple and they add a earthy-warm touch to your home when you set them on your coffee table tray.

Get them here.

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