The 3 Chicest Things I Found in Wal-Mart

So if you are like me, you love a bargain. My favorite stores are Target, Wal-Mart, Homegoods and TJ Maxx. Of course if I’m looking for something like tooth paste I might go to Walmart over Target but if I’m looking for table settings or decorative items I would favor Target. But yesterday I set out on a mission to prove that Walmart has some chic hidden gems. Here’s what I found…

1.Frosted glass mason jars.

So I’ve had Spring on my mind since the weather has been so nice out here in Southern California. I found these in the decorative section and thought they were perfect for a cute Spring table centerpiece. You could put some fake peonies in them like I found here or head down to Trader Joe’s for a cheap seasonal bouquet. For $2.97 you cannot beat these adorable little jars!

photo 1    photo 2

2. This Fuse Nail Gel Starter Kit

I paint my nails about once a week. My nail polish never seems to last more than 10 days and my pet peeve is chipped nail polish. This kit has all you need to do gel nails which last up to two weeks and look amazing! For only $24.95 it is a chic steal! Most gel kits are around $50. And they have a lot of great colors to chose from.

photo 3

3. Geometric print scarf

This scarf is adorable. I love the color and print. It was only $6.95 which is cheaper than any scarf in Target but just as cute. If I wanted a fun fashion treat for myself to reward myself for grocery shopping I could swing by the scarf section at Walmart. They have so many chic scarfs at a great price!

photo 4

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