Creative Chic:  Things to hang on your wall other than pictures.  

If there is one thing about home décor that annoys me the most, it’s the fact that so many people hang up generic wall art they find at the store. How many “Starry Night” reprints are currently hanging over American dinner tables? It’s tragic.

Now of course there are a few exceptions but Grumpy Cat, Jesus and dogs playing poker aside, art is meant to be original.

Come on, people! Let’s get creative about the things we hang. After all, we each lead such unique lives and our art should tell that story.

1. Make your favorite quote into art.

Words can be worth a thousand pictures. In college I bought a canvas from a craft store for about 6 bucks, I painted the background gold and then used a bold emerald green to simply paint the words to one of my favorite quotes from literature on it.

It was a simple and unique way to incorporate my love of words into décor.

Here is my quote canvas:

quote canvas



2. Frame something that isn’t a picture.

Frames instantly make anything look cool. You could put a doodle of a puppy in a matted frame and it would look chic.

You could try framing a pressed flower or I recently framed some really interesting cloth tapestries from Urban Outfitters that I received as a Christmas gift.

I also framed a very real looking duplicate of the Declaration of Independence for my office area.

I had a roommate who framed a napkin that someone gave her with a rude message on it from when she was a waitress. She put it in the kitchen as a joke. I loved it! It was so her.

Whatever you frame, be sure it is something that exemplifies your unique perspective. You have to look at it!

Here are my framed tapestries:

deer sketch   cat sketch

3. Have your own photo made into a poster.

I absolutely love the photo service at Walgreens. I have had them make my favorite photos made into mugs and cards as gifts.

They also can blow up any photo into a poster for only about $10.99. Why have a generic cat poster when you can have a poster made of your actual and much beloved cat?

Find out how here.


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