Kitchen Wish List

I spend half of my time at home in the kitchen. There is nothing I love more than pouring a glass of wine, opening up a Giada cookbook and making whatever looks good. But as an amateur chef, I must say my wish list of kitchen gadgets and odds-and-ends is extensive.

Below is my kitchen wish list and I can only hope my boyfriend is reading and taking note for future gift ideas 😉

1. Measuring Hedgies:

$38 at  Anthropologie

The description describes me perfectly.

Trust us: a collapsed souffle can and will be overlooked by guests, should these four gilded cuties be in plain sight, triumphantly scaling here-and-there mounds of sugar and flour. (Oh, you lovely disaster, you.) The most delightful hostess gift imaginable.

measuring hedgies

(photo: Anthropologie)

2. French Blue Margarita Glasses:  

$20 from The Little Market

Hand-crafted margarita glasses made by artisans and for a good cause? Yes please.

the little market glasses


(photo: The Little Market)

3. Pot rack/wall shelf spice rack:

This spice rack is a jack of all trades. It’s cute, it’s functional and it look so quaint in a country kitchen!

$100 from Etsy  

spice rack etsy

(photo credit: Etsy)

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