Street Chic: 3 Ways to Wear Metallics

I love the metallic trend for spring. Since I have tan skin, golden tones look great on me, but slivers wash me out. The best way to find what metallic works best for you is to experiment. All over America you are loving this trend.

Here are three glorious ways to look like you belong in Cleopatra’s harem.

1. My way: The metallic skirt with a natural top. This is how I wear it. I bought this skirt from Forever 21 over a year ago and it still looks amazing. I literally have people stopping me on the streets to ask where I got it.

I wear them with a white tank or a beige blouse to juxtapose the show-stopping metallic. I love pairing it with my favorite lace-up gladiators.

Find a similar one here.

metallic skirt


2. Metallic button-up

This is so adorable with black skinny jeans. It’s funky yet somehow still classic.

Find one here.

metallic top

3. Metallic dress

This is the ultimate day-to-night dress.

Dress it down for the office with a neutral cardigan or blazer and dress it up with heels and a fun necklace.

Find it here.

metallic dress

2 Comments on “Street Chic: 3 Ways to Wear Metallics

  1. Loooove the Metallic Trend – Supperrr Chic!! & Very attention grabbing, your pieces are subtle & not too overly bold, which is great for those who want to explore the Metallic trend without getting out of their comfort zone too much!

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