Chic Spotlight: Fayetteville, AR

Last month I was lucky enough to travel to northwestern Arkansas for the fist time and it was gorgeous! The Ozarks are truly spellbinding!

Fayetteville in particular is only a 5 hour drive from Dallas but it is a world away.

It’s hills and quaint beauty reminds me of a small city on the east coast.

We stayed the Chancellor Hotel. It is located right in the heart of the downtown area. We could walk to all the shops and bars and the hotel itself had a very happening bar on a Saturday night.

fayetteville arkansas downtown

Must see stops in Fayetteville include:

1.The University of Arkansas:

Right in the heart of downtown, this is a gorgeous school with brick buildings, elegant sorority houses and one big ass stadium.

photo (3)

2. The Clinton House Museum:

This charming house is a stones-throw from the U of A campus. It is surrounded by ordinary houses but is far from ordinary as this tiny house was the first house owned by former president Clinton and Hillary and was their wedding site!

clinton house

It also has an impeccable garden.

3. Downtown farmers market:

We got here on a Saturday and stumbled upon this farmer’s market downtown with fresh fruit and goods. It was really fun and a perfect way to enjoy downtown!

farmers market

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