Summer Chic : Summer Wish List

When I left for work today and the thick, humid, hot air hit my face I realized  that it’s going to be summer in a matter of days. And while that means pool parties, BBQs, and fruity summer drinks, it also means clothes wrinkled from sweat, walking a fine line between professional attire and being under-dressed (because who can expect a girl to wear a blazer when it’s hotter outside than the sun?)and possible heat strokes on the long walk from the store to the car.

So in my opinion, summer is over-rated. But before you have a case of Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness, remember that summer also means cute little fashion things that don’t work any other season!

Here are a few summer wish list items to splurge on when you are shopping online in a nicely air-conditioned room!

1. Neon purse: Kate Spade $168  or Neon Pink Satchel: Target $39.99
kate spade neon  neon pink purse

Kate Spade makes this adorable cross-body bag that comes in a popsicle lime green. This is perfect for day at a music festival of sipping cocktails under the stars. This neon–pink bag from Target is a more affordable option and the picture really doesn’t do it justice. This is an eye-popping pink and is perfect for a walk down the boardwalk!

2. Floppy hat: Urban Outfitters $34 
floppy hat
The perfect built-in shade for beach reading! And quite adorable as well.

3.Romper cover-up : Urban Outfitters $115
beach romper
When you go from the beach to afternoon drinks with no time to change, this sweet little romper will have you covered!

4. Lace-up scandals: H&M $34.95
lace up sandals
These are perfectly sophisticated, yet practical scandals for all your summer adventures! Wear them to work on those hot summer days and then later at night for a rooftop happy hour. They will have you wishing for an Indian summer so you can wear them even longer.

Don’t be sad when summer is over and you have to put all these fabulous finds away because after summer comes autumn and nothing beats autumn!

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