3 Wedding Trends For a Summer Wedding

Summer is almost upon us and that means BBQs, picnics and outdoor fun. If you are planning a summer wedding, why not incorporate these much beloved summer pastimes into your big day? Here are three ways you can make your summer wedding sizzle.
1. Greet guests with a lemonade stand:
This is a must for an outdoor summer wedding. Chances are it’s going to be hot. So have a perfectly pretty lemonade stand set up refresh your guests before they sit down for the ceremony.

wedding lemonade stand

2. Give out flip flops as a keepsake.
This is cute and useful! Especially if your summer wedding is on the beach or in the grass which can be hard to walk on in heels. It also will get more people out on the dance floor later in the evening because painful shoes won’t be an issue. They will also remember your event every time they wear those flip-flops after the wedding.
wedding favor flip flops
3. Serve summer favorites during the cocktail hour.
If you want a more formal sit down dinner but still want to incorporate an summer country BBQ, serve your favorite summer treats as appetizers during cocktail hour. You might have sliced watermelon, popsicles, BBQ sliders, mini corn cobs…etc. This is a fun and affordable way to kick back and embrace summer at your wedding without sacrificing any elegance.

wedding treats summer

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