Chic Patriotic Outfits for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays! I love America and I love being patriotic and celebrating our nation’s independence day. But aside from all that I look great in red, white and blue!

Of course 4th of July is that time of year when the ground is as hot as the surface of the sun, popsicles melt in 2.5 seconds and your scandals start to boil beneath you as you step into your car.

But not to fear, you can still dress cute and solute our grand country no matter what your day consists of!

1. On the beach

american bikini

 American flag print bandeau bikini. $14.99 from Target.

nautical beach tote

Striped tote. $149 from Dooney & Burke.

t-strap sandal

Glitter T-strap sandals. $39.99 from JC Penny.

2. At a BBQ

nautical sweater

Nautical sweater.  $19.99 from Target.

distressed white shorts

Destroyed white denim shorts. $27.80 from Forever 21.

lace up sandals

Lace up sandals. $11.49 from Charlotte Russe.

3. At the fairgrounds

stripped dress

Striped dress. $33.00 from Hipster Chic.

denim shirt

Denim shirt. $26.95 from the Gap.

red loafers

Red loafers. $39.99 from the Gap.

Shop these chic, affordable looks for this 4th of July and no one will be looking at the fireworks!

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