Tips For Summer Entertaining

Summer days drifting away but oh oh those summer nights!

It’s summer ya’ll and that means backyard BBQs and pool parties. Sometimes we get in a rut of thinking that summer is limited to those two types of events. Why not stand out this summer with some creative ideas for summer entertaining?

1. Make you own lemonade stand.

photo (30)

This was the lemonade stand I made this past weekend. Often times events are alcohol focused, but in the summer a nice refreshing lemonade would be much more enjoyable. Buy berries and watermelon, Pellegrino and check out your local TJ Maxx for specialty lemonades. A splash of Pellegrino in your lemonade will give it a touch of fizz!

2. Host a tapas party.


Traditional dinner parties with heavy meals are not a good fit for hot summer nights. As a fun alternative why not buy three inexpensive bottles of wine from Trader Joe’s and make a few easy tapas plates? Then invite guests to sample the wines and tapas. They can also bring a plate or a bottle to contribute. Tapas are easy to make as they usually only involve a few ingredients but they are perfect for wine tastings.  Find some recipes here.

3. Host a balcony/backyard campfire evening.

smores campfire

Target has these cute little camping stoves for $20 that use charcoal so my boyfriend and I bought one to use on our balcony and it is AMAZING. We make s’mores and grill hot dogs and relax with some wine and tell ghost stories. It would be perfect for a party on a crisp evening toward the end of summer. You could lit up the camp stove, open a bottle of wine and let the bonding begin! Find my Poppytalk for Target campfire stove here.

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