Tips For Turning Your Bathroom into a Spa Retreat

I spend a lot of time in my bathroom getting ready in the morning or doing my bedtime routine at night. Too much time is spent in this room for it to be anything but fabulous. I want my bathroom to create a feeling of relaxation. Also, since I don’t have a powder room or guest bathroom, I want to keep my personal items out of sight or neatly organized and make my guests feel right at home.

dream bathroom

Here are a few simple tips that will hopefully inspire you to freshen up the room where you well… freshen up.

1. Make a guest basket.

When guests stay over and need to wash up, they always ask where the washcloths are. Now I have made things super easy by laying out a few clean washcloths and a fancy bath soap for my guests to use. I put them in a tin basket and they look elegant and inviting.

photo (32)

TJ Maxx has beautiful bath soaps that come in amazing scents and are affordable so they can be easily replaced after each guest.

2. Candles


I have candles on the counter near my sink and in the corners of  my tub and I love lighting them when I take bubble baths. Some times I even light them when I am getting ready in the morning. Their scent is uplifting and puts me in a good mood before I go to work. Find spa candles here.

3. Add plants


Now this is quite obvious but I wanted to put it on the list anyway because there are certain plants that work in bathrooms without as much light such as Orchids, African Violets and Aloe Vera. They will last a long time since replacing flowers can get expensive. Tips on indoor plant care here.

4. Speakers


Music will help to set the mood and get you into relax mode. If you want to spend a little bit more, you can find wireless Bose speakers that will sync to your Pandora for about $195 here or I found a speaker at 5 Below for $5 that uses 4 AAA batteries. I connect it to my phone and play Pandora. I love listening to music in the shower or to pump me up in the morning, as I get ready.

Pandora station suggestions for a spa atmosphere:

Claude Debussy
Edith Pilaf
Emilie-Claire Barlow
Duke Ellington
Louis Armstrong

Whether you paint your bathroom a tranquil color or simply buy some candles, I hope this post inspired you.  I think the key things to keep in mind are making sure it’s clean, the lightening is soft (I will not allow a florescent light to come within 10 feet of my home!) and it smells good.

Thanks for reading!



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