Fall Trend: 3 Chic Ways To Wear Oxfords

I love oxfords! If there is one trend I have also loved it’s menswear. I think adding a menswear piece to a feminine ensemble adds a point of interest to the look. Oxfords are a menswear staple that can be worn in the fall in a number of ways. They can however be intimidating to style. If they aren’t done just right you can come of frumpy. Here are some chic ways to style these awesome shoes.

1. The casual way

oxfords 2

Pair a flashy set of oxfords with a short skirt and a plain sweatshirt. Keep everything neutral to draw attention to your shoes. The skirt keeps everything feminine.

2. The ready for work way


This look is so preppy and chic. It’s boyish, but skinny pants and nude oxfords keep things girly and young. This is the new suit for fall.

3. The girly way


This was is so sweet and dainty. Pair them with socks and a girly short baby doll dress.

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