Current Obsessions

There are a few things I am currently obsessing over that I thought I would share. I know I must not be the only one out there! Comment me with your current obsessions. I’d love to hear about what is occupying your thoughts at the moment!

1. Pictures of Cappuccinos.

I have been seeing these all over my Instagram and while I am not really into getting fancy coffee myself (I’m more of a drip coffee kind of girl) I can’t help but love to look at these artistic libations.


2. Pink Coats

I love the idea of pretty pastels for winter. Why must everything be dreary when it’s cold? I say break out these beautiful spring hues all year long!


3. Taylor Swift’s Cat Instagrams

I go crazy anytime Taylor Swift posts a picture of one of her cats. I totally own the fact that I am a crazy cat lady and I love that Taylor does too. Crazy cat ladies, unite!


4. Pumpkin Beer

I LOVE seasonal beer. Right now I’m trying every Oktoberfest and pumpkin beer I can get my hands on. My favorite is Southern Tier’s Pumpking, however it is pricey and hard to find so in lieu of it I’ve been enjoying Post Road’s pumpkin beer, Blue Moon’s pumpkin beer and UFO’s pumpkin beer.

photo (69)

6. Bradley Theodore Paintings

I am OBSESSED with Bradley Theodore’s NYC street art. This skeletal take on Burberry’s campaign with Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne is so sick.


7. Combat Boots.

I don’t know why these are in style. It weirds me out when I see teens or pre-teens wearing them. I was a child of the 90s and I grew up wanting to wear Doc Martins or suspenders like the older girls. Every fall, I break out my old pair of combat boots and obsess over 90s grunge all over again.

fall in PA

8. Pablo Neruda Love Poems

This tiny little book is filled with the richest, most transcendent words in both Spanish and English. This edition is small enough to carry around for whenever you need to be reminded that unconditional, unending, unapologetic love really does exist. Find it at Anthropologie. Go now!


9. Fold-over Leopard Clutches

clare viv

10. Street Tacos

I’m from California and this is how we roll. I have been making my own lately and I crave them day and night. Yummmm. Can’t type….drooling.


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