Chic Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

Remember when you were a kid and you only got to sit in the formal living room when company was over or on Christmas morning? It was a very special area of the house meant only for special occasions. I remember very clearly as a kid that my mom’s formal coffee table was very big and had big grown up things on it like a giant bible with gilded pages and a family photo album. If you are like me, you aren’t quite far along enough in your life to have both a formal living room and family room. So we need our coffee tables to be both big and fancy like my mom’s but also practical and easy to use for things like…oh say putting your coffee on them.

Here are some fun ideas for styling your coffee table in a chic and practical way.

1. Show Off Your Personality

I love this coffee table because it has so much personality. The coffee table books about fashion, the gold skull, the magnifying glass… are all creative ways to show off who you are. Think outside the box but don’t make it cluttered.

coffee table

2. Use a Tray

Trays are a practical way to organize and define the space. If you are like me, and are are using something that isn’t quite a table as a table, a tray is a great way to add a hard stable surface for drinks. I organize my tray with some candles, some books, a pitcher I use for fresh flowers and some coasters.

photo (71) photo (72)

3. Keep it Simple

I think a few pops of color or a few statement items on a plain table is fine. But if your table is already a statement piece, less is more. If you have a bright colored table, or a cool focal point piece of furniture you have converted into a coffee table, keep things simple, elegant and understated.

coffee table 1

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