3 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is perfect for fall. It’s not yet cold enough to break out the wool coats, but the air is crisp enough for a light coat or jacket. If you have a leather jacket, now is the time to break that sucker out before the polar vortex 2.0 hits and you can’t leave the house without looking like the little brother from A Christmas Story. I love how effortlessly edgy a leather jacket looks. It pairs so well with aviator sunnies that you might get mistaken on the street for Angelina Jolie 😉

Here are some outfit inspirations for that leather jacket you have or are dreaming of buying.

1. Leather + Pleats

I love the juxtaposition of a leather jacket paired with a feminine dress. The length and color of this dress screams fall, and the structure of the leather jacket works well with the flowy dress. I also love the different textures! If you don’t have a dress, try a pleated maxi skirt and tank top.

leather dress 1

2. Leather + Denim

This is the easiest, everyday way to wear leather. In the fall you may reach for a light jean jacket, but paired with denim pants and you may find yourself one step shy of a Britney/Justin denim explosion. Swap out that jean jacket for your leather jacket and voila! Instantly chic. I ESPECIALLY love it with heels, and a chunky sweater-scarf. Grab that coffee and go on with your bad self, girl!

brown leather

3. Leather + Leather

So I know that I just said denim upon denim was mostly a no go, but leather and leather can be done, if done well. Leather boots, plus leather pants and a leather jacket is edgy and unexpected. The key is to be sure you have matched the leather colors, and shirt breaks up the leather. Black upon black is a major trend this fall, and this is one chic way to go about it. But be WARNED. You may not have that Britney/Justin moment, but handle with care lest you find yourself like Ross from friends in the leather pants episode.


(Photo: Song of Style)

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