Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving is almost upon us! Ok… maybe it is still over a month away but I have it on my mind. This is a very special Thanksgiving for me as it will be the first time I’ve ever hosted my family. I already have my menu planned and now I’m turning my attention to a tablescape that would make the pilgrims proud!

Below are my favorite ideas for creating a beautiful holiday table.

 1. Forget the flowers and try fruit!

Flowers can get so pricey if you have a really long table and will need multiple arrangements. Try alternating between flowers and fruit. Pick up a cornucopia or arrange them in a basket. Pick seasonal fruits or squash. Mix with touches of gold for a romantic feel.

Add a pear at every place setting to tie in the centerpiece to each guest,

thanksgiving table scape

2.  Use carveable craft pumpkins as flower vases.

Find these at Michael’s, carve out the center just as you would with a normal pumpkin, spray paint them a metallic bronze or white, add a small vase with water and a seasonal fall arrangement from Trader Joe’s and that makes for an affordable flower option that will cost less than $20.

pumpkin carvable centerpiece

3. Mix mini pumpkins and candles

This is a more traditional option. Pick up a bag filled with real mini pumpkins at Target for $4.99, Get a wooden crate at Jo Ann Fabrics for under $10 and fill with a foam block from a craft store, then arrange tree branches, candles and pumpkins anyway you like. This is so elegant and your guests will never know how easy it was.

fall tablescape

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