Apartment Tour

As promised here is a peak inside our apartment. It has that San Francisco charm that I love so much and is so cozy and quaint. Here is a look at the new place we call home.

Kitchen: I love the white marble backslash. It is my favorite part of the kitchen. It is small but I love it because every inch of it is made so well and I have always dreamed of a white country kitchen. I’m also crazy about our open floor plan. I can watch TV while cooking or talk to my guests when I’m entertaining and it is so fun to look out at the dining room dining room to the left and see the city views from the window.

dream kitchen

Dining Room: Due to layout constraints, I had to put the gallery wall here rather than behind the couch like in the Dallas apartment. We managed to fit Tommy’s table, the dining room table and the little green chest I use for liquor is perfect next to the kitchen counter.

san francisco apartment


Living Room: The views from this room are amazing. I love how it is open and airy and so bright in the morning since it faces east. I love opening up the blinds at night since we are on the top floor of the tallest building in our neighborhood. I can have a glass of wine and look out over the city. It was a tight fit and we had to get creative and put the couch against the french doors but I really like how it turned out.


dream apartment


Bedroom: This room is small but it’s so nice. I love how perfectly my desk fits in the corner and how huge the walk in closet is. I have so much storage that I hardly notice that the room is smaller than our old room.

photo 2 (12)

photo 1 (12)


Bathroom: While I miss our framed mirror and spacious counter tops, we have a ton of storage in this bathroom and it is clean and new so I can’t complain. I also love the window!

IMG_5313 IMG_5315

Bonus: Our cuddly apartment kitten Mochi ^_^


So far, I’m loving San Francisco so much more than Dallas and I feel like we’ve barley scratched the surface. We have worked hard the part few months to get settled in and it feels good to finally feel at home.

I hope you liked my apartment tour 🙂


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