My Wedding Inspiration Board

So without giving too much away….my venue is outdoors, in the fall and my color palette is forest green, plum purples and berry tones, gold and antique white.

The inspiration for my wedding is rustic elegance. I remember driving down this little country road in Virginia on a Sunday. As we drove into wine country on a winding, forested path I saw a little white steeple church where a wedding was being held. The guests were shuffling into the church dressed in their best, it was early fall and the air was crisp. It was the most beautiful sight and that image has guided and shaped my vision for my wedding. Our venue may be in California’s wine country rather than Virginia’s but our vineyard is also off the beaten path. I can image our guests taking the winding road into the crest of woods high above the hills blanketed with rows of grape vines, over the Russian River to the beautiful venue lined by the mountain peaks and Mt. St. Helene. It will be early fall and the air will be crisp, the Sunday sunlight will be spilling all over God’s creation and us while join hands to become united forever. The oak trees and evergreens will be strung with lights, accounting for much of the green and gold of my color palette. The bridesmaids dressed in plum, the wine, grapes, figs and lavender will make up most of the purples while the lace on my dress, the long taper candles slowly burning down into softest glow like moonlight will be the antique white. I can picture everyone dancing and drinking and talking. The fire pit will be roaring and the men will be gathered around with their cigars. It will be perfect.

My wedding inspiration board is an amalgamation of all that has inspired my wedding- the forest, the earth, vintage lace, mountains, wine, candle light and romance.

wedding board

6 Comments on “My Wedding Inspiration Board

      • Haha I am not normal lol I know if my whole wedding is not planned in its entirety by September I will freak out! Especially since I’m planning a Texas wedding from Seattle. Yikes! So you’re good! Lol

      • Oh wow that’s quite an undertaking! I have most of my big stuff booked except my caterer and cake I don’t have my dress. Once I have my dress I think I will finally be able to breathe again. Good luck with all your planning! I can’t wait to read more of your wedding posts.

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