5 Ways I would Spend The Powerball Jackpot

If you are living under a rock and haven’t heard, the largest Powerball drawing will be held on Saturday and the jackpot is up to a jaw dropping $700 million. I’m going to buy my ticket to throw my hat in the race and that got my dreaming about what I would do if I won. Assuming I was the sole winner, I would probably walk away with $350 million after taxes which I would choose to receive in one lump sum. I would of course give a large portion  to friends family and charity. Here are a few fun ways I would spend the money.

  1. Real Estate

I would buy a few lovely and well decorated yet modest homes in strategic places around the country. I would buy a country home in Napa on a vineyard, a beach house in La Jolla, a mountain cabin in Aspen, and a city row house in Georgetown.


2. Update my Wardrobe

Other than my Ran Ban sunglasses and a few handbags I don’t own designer anything. I definitely wouldn’t go crazy but I would up the quality of all the pieces in my closet and a few staples would be be ticket items like some classic, nude Louboutins, a Burberry trench coat, a Celine bag, etc.

CHRISTIAN-LOUBOUTIN-DECOLLETE-868-100-JAZZ-CALF-NUDE-13591-1-zoom   3. Traveling

There is so much to see and I’ve barely scratched the surface! Italy, India, Japan, Argentina, Iceland, Scotland, Thailand…so much to see, so little time! I would also pull an Anthony Bourdain and eat my way through each place.


4. Investing in my Passions

I’ve always wanted to open a winery that hosts weddings on the weekends, I would also like to grow United States of Chic and hire a staff and buy an office space…I would use the money to make sure I never work another day in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I would still work hard. But when you work hard at what you love it isn’t work at all.

600.1 (1).jpg

5. Having Unique Life Experiences

I currently don’t have the luxury of abandoning work for 4 months to hike the PCT or live in a log cabin Walden style while writing a great novel. This kind of money would give me one of the most important things- time. It would free up my time to follow my dreams and passions.


A girl can dream! What would you do if you won the Powerball jackpot? Tell me in the comments!

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