Kate Middleton

Steal Her Style: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s style is what I call “classic preppy” She loves solid colors, structure and sleek deigns. This makes her style very easy to replicate. Below is how to duplicate one of my favorite Kate looks for under $100


Spring Style Wish List

Spring is one of the best season to push the envelope when it comes to fashion. The winter is too cold to opt for much more than coats and sweaters, and by the time summer arrives it’s too hot to venture out much further than a trusty sun-dress. Below are some of my personal favorite style items for spring. They are easily mixed to…

3 Easy Trends To Update Your Look For Winter

So I don’t know about you but whenever the seasons change, I feel a mix of excitement and panic. Yes I finally get to put away the last remnants of fall, but are my old winter clothes still in style? Do I have enough of the new trends to mix with the old to keep things updated? Below is a list of a few…