Career Chic: Staying positive on Mondays



So let’s face it- Mondays suck. There is nothing worse than that sound of the alarm clock going off on a Monday and being reminded that you have the most work ahead of you there possibly could be before the weekend.

But not to worry! You can actually make Mondays a positive day simply by changing your attitude about it and making a few other adjustments. Here are some easy tips that get me though a bad case of the “Mondays.”

1. Make a Monday playlist.

I have a Friday playlist that I listen to at work to get me pumped up for the weekend, but I realized I needed to get pumped up on Monday too so now I have a playlist of happy upbeat songs to get my week started off right!

Some happy music suggestions straight from my “Manic Monday” playlist

1. “Good Life” by One Republic

2. “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae

3. “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap

2. Plan a Monday lunch date.

Mondays aren’t as bad when you have something to look forward to, so go out with your work buddies every Monday at lunch! It’s a fun way to remind yourself that weekend happiness isn’t limited to the weekend.

If you can’t go out, pack you favorite foods for lunch Monday. Food always makes my days better

3. Lesson your Monday workload.

If you have some control over your workload, make Tuesdays a tougher day than Monday. By Tuesday you will already have your work momentum back so it won’t seem as unbearable. Schedule the stuff you enjoy doing for Monday and suddenly waking up and going to work on Monday won’t seem like climbing Mt. Everest.

The most important thing to remember is that happiness is all about perspective.  You can choose to be happy on Monday despite everyone else’s bad mood. After all, one seventh of your entire life is made out of Mondays. Make it count!