4 Ways to Cope With Being Ghosted

Let’s face it, dating these days is like navigating through the jungle in a torrential downpour without a map and night is falling. It sucks! From the buffet of options for causal flings offered by dating apps, to the ability to see the guy you just went out with suddenly post a picture with a new girlfriend on social media, to having an entire convo on snap chat that disappears and forgetting what you said, technology has made finding a soul mate much harder on us than it was for our parents. But the worst part of dating these days is the casually cruel way our romantic partners simply vanish from our lives and that is unfortunately a tale as old as time. So whether you’ve been ghosted by your boyfriend or girlfriend of a year (yes, this actually happens), the person you were casually seeing for a few weeks or some loser that led you on for two months, introduced you to his family and then seemingly fell off the face of the earth, there are some healthy ways to deal with this hard time and come out the other end better than ever.

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