The Ps and Qs of Social Media Etiquette.

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Call me old fashioned, but I am a big believer in etiquette. Of course we are only human and sometimes we forget our etiquette. As women, we often juggle so much that when one of the balls we juggle falls down, we often don’t even notice.
Believe me, I know the meaning of a full-plate. I’ve recently been dealing with working one full-time job in PR and one part-time job in consulting, running a blog and a house, keeping up relationships, feeding a reading addiction, and learning HTML on the side. Needless to say I have a few emails I’ve forgotten to reply to, a few phone calls I need to return…etc. But I always try my best to be mindful of how I am treating others. Even on my busiest day, my door is always open to friends, and there are probably a few hand-written notes from me en route. I have learned to forgot the rude people I have come across and focus on being nice anyway.

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Career Chic: Tips for becoming and staying successful

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1. Relationships matter.

Try to make it a point to develop a relationship with everyone if your office, even if they aren’t on your team. Go to where other teams sit from time to time and ask how their day was or what they are working on. Some of the most successful people don’t have the most unique or impressive skills, but they genuinely care about people. And regardless of their rank or position, they are friendly and interested.

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