My Favorite Oscar De La Renta Wedding Dresses

oscar de la renta wedding

I wanted to pay tribute to the beautiful life and work of Oscar De La Renta. He had the most beautiful vision and made dresses that were not only flattering to woman but were the essence of every fairy tale she has of fashion come to life. He was the godfather of fashion. Along with the great Valentino and Givenchy, he was a remnant of an era gone by. An era when a woman wore one dress all night on her wedding, not two, because that one dress embodied all her hopes and dreams and could NEVER be out done by another dress. His designs were not about being weird or avant-garde, they were about elegance and beauty and always being kind to a women’s body and what she wants to wear. I can only dream of wearing one of his creations someday.

The following as some of my favorite Oscar wedding creations. May his work live on and his memory shine on forever.

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