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About Angelica Malik

Welcome to United States of Chic! This is my happy place.

I am a twenty-something southern belle from southern California. I am also a writer/career girl working in PR and political consulting. I went to school in San Diego, then lived and worked in Washington, DC, Arlington, VA, and Los Angeles. I currently live in Dallas, Texas and since I have traveled to and lived in so many parts of our glorious country I was inspired to create a blog dedicated to being chic across America.

My goal is to promote personal style, living well, positive thinking and success. Having it all doesn’t necessarily mean having a lot of money. So unlike other blogs, I don’t promote outfits that are worth more than a small country’s GDP or handbags that cost more than cars. I believe you can work hard, and live well without being a millionaire.

My personal style:

I describe my personal style as Parisian simplicity with a punk twist. It’s Audrey Hepburn meets Edie Sedgwick. I LIVE in skinny jeans, and ballet flats. But my favorite pieces of clothing are my denim jacket and Iron Maiden t-shirt.

My home style:

I live by the idea my mentor, Oprah, taught me- “Your home should rise up to meet you.”

I love shabby chic or rustic pieces. I think your home should tell a story about who you are. I love burlap, reclaimed wood, B&W photos of candid moments, subway-tile back-splashes in the kitchen, claw-foot bath tubs, books, books and more books.

These are a few of my favorite things:

Throw pillows
Leather-bound Jane Austin books
Grunge music
Reclaimed wood 
Ballet flats
Sunflowers & white roses
Mason jars
Candid Photos
Dainty necklaces
Craft beer
Pointy-toe heels
Austrian Economics

Thanks for reading! 

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